Automate Conveyor-to-Conveyor Transport

RollerTop Solutions bring adaptability and increased levels of automation in conveyor environments. They deploy quickly and deliver completely autonomous conveyor-to-conveyor material transport.

Extend and Adapt Existing Conveyance

RollerTop robots autonomously pilot their way to conveyor ends to receive and/or deposit material.

Fully Autonomous Conveyor-to-Conveyor Handoffs

FetchLink controllers enable coordination of conveyor-to-conveyor handoffs through FetchCore.

Precise, repeatable alignment

Precision markers and our Precision Alignment feature in FetchCore guarantee repeatable millimeter-level precision for reliable conveyor-to-conveyor interactions.

Safe Even Around Forklifts

Fetch Robotics dynamic obstacle avoidance enables safe and truly collaborative operation around people and fast moving vehicles like forklifts.